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1. Add Email Account

1.1. Go to Server Settings > Account Settings.

1.2. Add an account.

2. Add SMTP Server Account

2.1. Go to Server Settings > SMTP Server Settings.

2.2. Add an SMTP account you owned.

3. Add Contact list

3.1. Go to Contacts > Address Book.

3.2. Add individual contacts or.

3.3. Import CSV file from Import/Export > CSV File.

4. Create Template

4.1. Go to Templates > Email Template.

4.2. Add html template or copy html template from other template generator.

5. Create Schedule

5.1. Go to Schedule > Add Schedule.

5.2. Create a schedule.

5.3. Start sending email by click on Start button. Or

5.4. Set Date and Time to run the process later time.

6. CSV File Format

6.1. First row shows header a) Name b) Email.

6.2. Add individual name and email address below.

7. Dashboard

7.1. Shows Total Contacts and Total Mail Sent.